O Pioneers!

O Pioneers!
Willa Cather
First published: 1913
Pages: 159
Sets: 1
Total copies: 15


Willa Cather’s second novel, O Pioneers!, has become one of the greatest classics of American literature. In it Cather creates the first of her memorable, strong heroines in Alexandra Bergson, and brings a new authenticity to the struggles of immigrant pioneer women. This magnificent story brings to life the sights, sounds, and scents of the windy Nebraska prairie just as it probes the real human emotions of Alexandra as she inherits her father’s failing farm, raises her brothers alone, and is torn by the emergence of an unexpected passion. Long regarded as a literary landmark, O Pioneers! is a novel simply and beautifully told, and reveals the emerging voice — independent, direct, and heartfelt — of one of America’s greatest authors.