Year of Learning

February 2022 | Critical Cataloging


Change the Subject Documentary


Change the Subject Documentary

Before February 24th, take some time to watch Change the Subject Documentary. This film documents a group of Dartmouth College students who challenged anti-immigrant language used by the Library of Congress. Their actions led to debates about immigration on Capitol Hill.



Once a month, a knowledgeable moderator will guide a Zoom meetup for ULA members on the current month's topic.

During our discussion we'll talk about what we've learned about critical cataloging and brainstorm ideas on next steps.

All year long, ULA members are invited to participate in an open, ongoing discussion in the #edi channel in ULA's Slack workspace. Ask questions, share thoughts, and record your participation in the monthly Take Action challenge. Join the discussion.


Diverse Voices Research Strategies

LOC Replaces Subject Heading

Decolonizing the Catalog


Become more aware of biases in cataloging.

Challenge: Look up the subject headings that the documentary references and see if your library uses them.

Post about what you did in the Slack discussion.


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