Year of Learning

July 2021 | Serving Homeless Patrons


Ryan Dowd

Homeless Training Institute, LLC


Librarian's Guide to Homelessness (Core Training)

During the month of July watch Ryan Dowd's "Librarian's Guide to Homelessness (Core Training)" available for Utah library staff on Niche Academy.


Becca Lael

Park City Library

Thu, July 29, 2021

12:00 PM – 1:00 PM


Once a month, a knowledgeable moderator will guide a Zoom meetup for ULA members on the current month's topic.

July discussion: How do you best serve patrons who are experiencing homelessness? What have you learned? What resources can you share?

All year long, ULA members are invited to participate in an open, ongoing discussion in the #edi channel in ULA's Slack workspace. Ask questions, share thoughts, and record your participation in the monthly Take Action challenge. Join the discussion.


Access the Librarian's Guide to Homelessness on Niche Academy.

Food Resources in Utah


Be prepared with resources.

Challenge: Reach out to local homeless service providers in your area and gather resources you can refer homeless patrons towards. Join the Slack discussion.


Merrily Cannon
 801-715-6769 or 800-662-9150 (Utah Toll-Free)