Digital Inclusion Partnerships in Response to COVID-19

Digital Inclusion Partnerships in Response to COVID-19

 As unconnected communities are at risk of accessing critical services, the need to collaboratively address the digital divide has become paramount. This facilitated workshop is designed for library, museum, nonprofit, and other professionals that interact directly with the public, especially individuals with low levels of digital access or literacy skills. The focus will be to identify new digital inclusion projects …

Digital Inclusion Planning in Response to COVID-19 Webinar

Digital Inclusion Planning in Response to COVID-19

 As the pandemic has exacerbated the digital divide for vulnerable communities, the need to jointly address access to internet, devices, digital literacy training and support has become critical. This facilitated workshop is designed for library management to brainstorm and problem solve with colleagues on identifying programs and policies that address the digital divide. You will leave with a folder of national …

Deep Dive into Device Lending

More and more libraries are lending devices such as WiFi hotspots, Chromebooks, and tablets. This webinar will take a deeper look at the nitty gritty details of device lending, such as device security, policies, budgeting, and vendors. View Webinar: Online Presenter:Stacy Vincent, Amy Purdy, Cristina Graham, & Karen Barton Date: June 18, 2018

Digital Inclusion, Policy Change, and Volunteers

Experts suggest that we are communicating in one way or another more than 90% of the time we are awake! Communication can be positive or negative, verbal, non-verbal or in writing. Communicating effectively is a learned skill that requires practice, patience and a desire to be more effective every day. This interactive and informative webinar program will give attendees the …

Digital Inclusion Resources

Join us for a webinar about resources for affordable broadband, device, and technology education resources for libraries and patrons. Special guests Liesl Seborg and Emma Hernandez with discuss digital inclusion resources used in their libraries. View Webinar: Online Presenter: Emma Hernandez, Liesl Seborg, Shauna Edson, & Stacy Vincent Date: May 9, 2018

Digital Inclusion 101

Join us for an introduction to Digital Inclusion. Learn about what Digital Inclusion is and why it matters to libraries. Special guests Nicole Umayam, Technology Outreach Specialist with Arizona State Library, and Marion Christmon, Digital Inclusion Program Manager with Nashville Public Library, will talk about the digital inclusion work happening in their libraries. View Webinar: Online Presenter: Nicole Umayam, Marion Christmon, Stacy Vincent, & Shauna …