Board By-laws

Article I: Name and Authority

This body shall be known as the “State Library Board” within the Utah State Library Division, Department of Heritage and Arts pursuant to UCA §9-7-101 et seq. The Board shall assume the responsibilities delegated to it by these statutes.

Article II: Mission

The mission of the Utah State Library is to develop, advance, and promote library services and access to information.

Article III: Purposes

The Board shall work to improve the quality of Utah’s library services by advising the State Library Director and staff, by reviewing and confirming the State Library’s service and grant policies, and, in general, by representing the interests of Utah’s citizens and libraries.

Article IV: Membership

Section 1. Members of the Board shall be appointed and serve terms of office as designated by UCA §9-7-204.

Section 2. Members of the Board shall serve without compensation, but each member may receive per diem and expenses as defined in UCA §9-7-204 (9)(a)(i).

Article V: Meetings

Section 1. The board shall meet at least quarterly, at such time and place as set forth in meeting notices. Meetings may be held more frequently if desired.

Section 2. A quorum for the transaction of business shall consist of a majority of Board members currently appointed.

Section 3. Notices of all regular meetings shall be e-mailed by the State Library Director to all Board members at least ten days before the meeting date. Other notices shall be issued as required by the Utah Open and Public Meetings Act, UCA §52-4-101 et seq.

Section 4. Meetings shall be governed by The Standard Code of Parliamentary Procedure by Alice Sturgis latest edition, to the extent applicable.

Article VI: Officers

Section 1. Officers of the Board shall be Chair and Vice-Chair. The Chair shall be appointed by the Governor as provided in UCA §9-7-204(7), or the Governor’s designee. The Board may recommend an individual for appointment as Board Chair to the Executive Director of the Department of Heritage and Arts when the current Board Chair’s term of office is nearing its conclusion. The Vice-Chair shall be elected by the Board for a term of two years at the first meeting of the year during odd numbered years.

Section 2. Vacancies in offices shall be filled for the unexpired term at the first regular meeting of the Board after the vacancy occurs in the same manner as first appointed.

Section 3. The State Library Director shall:

  • keep a true and accurate account of all proceedings of the meetings;
  • issue notices of all meetings;
  • keep a copy of the minutes and other records of the Board; and
  • notify the appointing body of any vacancies on the Board.

Upon consultation with the Chair, the State Library Director shall prepare the agenda for all meetings.

Section 4. The Chair of the Board shall preside at all meetings, authorize calls for meetings, and generally perform other official duties.

Section 5. In the absence of the Chair, the Vice-Chair shall exercise the Chair’s functions; and may, upon the request of the Chair, take over any duties the Chair is unable to perform.

Article VII: Committees

Section 1. Special committees for the study and investigation of issues and the accomplishment of specific tasks may be appointed by the Chair with consultation from the Board to serve until the work assigned is completed or until such time as the Board may designate. Such committees may include Board members or may be comprised entirely of other interested parties.

Section 2. No committee will have other than advisory powers unless it is granted specific power to act by the Board.

Article VIII: Amendments

Amendments to these bylaws may be adopted by a majority vote of Board members present at a regular meeting with a quorum, subsequent to notification of the proposed change.


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