Services for Libraries & Librarians

  • Book Buzz

    Lends Book Sets to Book Clubs, Book Groups, & Libraries – More Information

  • Certification & Recertification

    Certification & Recertification Standards for Utah’s Public Libraries – More Information

  • E-Rate

    Schools and Libraries Program of the Universal Service Fund – More Information

  • Grants

    Grants That Support The Delivery Of Library Services In Utah – More Information

  • Interlibrary Loan (ILL)

    Borrowing Materials from Libraries Across Utah & the Nation – More Information

  • Lender Support

    Funds for Utah Libraries That Lend Their Materials Free of Charge – More Information

  • Library Directors

    Information & Resources for Utah’s Public Library Directors – More Information

  • Library Outreach

    Resources to Help Libraries Meet the Needs of Their Communities – More Information

  • Listservs

    Electronic Mailing Lists for Library Staff, Directors, & Trustees – More Information

  • Online Catalogs

    Links to the Online Catalogs in the Utah Collections Consortium – More Information

  • Public Library Consultants

    Advice and Technical Assistance to Plan & Evaluate Library Services – More Information

  • Public Library Statistics

    Submitting Statistical Annual Reports, See Public Library Statistics, & Find Library Data Tools – More Information

  • State Publications

    The Utah Government Digital Library Provides Online Access to Government Publications – More Information

  • Training & Continuing Education

    Training, Continuing Education, & Professional Development for Library Staff – More Information

  • Utah's Online Public Library

    Free Access to Downloadable, Streaming, and Learning Resources – More Information

  • Youth Services

    Resources, Programs, Training, & Services for Children & Young Adult Librarians – More Information