Library Resources

Promotes Access to Library Resources

The Library Resources Program supports Utah's libraries and librarians and promotes access to library resources through interlibrary loan, lender support, book club book sets, government publications, online resources, and more.

  • Book Buzz

    Lends Book Sets to Book Clubs, Book Groups, & Libraries – More Information

  • Interlibrary Loan (ILL)

    Borrowing Materials from Libraries Across Utah & the Nation – More Information

  • Lender Support

    Funds for Utah Libraries That Lend Their Materials Free of Charge – More Information

  • Online Catalogs

    Links to the Online Catalogs in the Utah Collections Consortium – More Information

  • State Publications

    The Utah Government Digital Library Provides Online Access to Government Publications – More Information

  • Utah's Online Public Library

    Free Access to Downloadable, Streaming, and Learning Resources – More Information