State Library Meeting Rooms

The Utah State Library and the Division of Services for the Blind and Visually Impaired (DSBVI) provide meeting rooms that can be used by government agencies.

  1. For Government Agencies – Rooms are subject to availability and can not be booked more than 3 months in advance.
  2. Designated Representative – This representative is the required designated point of contact.
  3. Parking – Parking is available in the lot east of the buiding. Overflow parking can be found behind the Tax Commission (southeast of the East Parking Lot). Parking in the lots directly in front of the Utah State Library and the Division of Services for the Blind and Visually Impaired Building is prohibited. Parking in these lots are for Library and DSBVI patrons and staff.
  4. Sign-In Sheets – The Designated Representative is responsible for making a sign-in sheet. Each participant must sign this sheet and the sheet will be given to the front desk at Utah State Library. This is a requirement of the Emergency Management Plan and Fire Code Agreement.
  5. Room Operating Hours – Hours are 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM Monday through Friday, except State Holidays. The Designated Representative of the group must be in attendance at all times.
  6. You Provide – Laptops and battery cords, tablets and battery cords, printed materials, and anything else needed for your meeting. We do not provide a photocopier. Please bring enough copies for your meeting.
  7. We Provide – Overhead projectors, WiFi, and limited conference calling capabilities. See Room Profiles for further details.
  8. Food & Beverages – Food and beverages are allowed. Alcohol is prohibited. No kitchen facilities are available. No table covers, plates, napkins, glasses, or utensils are provided. You are responsible for your caterer, set up and clean up.
  9. Room Set-Up & Break-Down – Your are responsible for the reasonable care of rooms, furnishings, and equipment, the rearrangement of tables and chairs, and the return of the room to the condition it was in before the meeting. A diagram of the original room design can be found on the wall near the door in each room. You could be charged a cleaning fee if you leave the room in a state of disrepair.
  10. Maximum Occupancy – Group size must be limited to the maximum number shown in each Room Profile.
  11. Walls – Do not attempt to operate movable walls. Nothing may be affixed to building walls.
  12. Fire Code – Adherence to the Fire Code agreement is required. All meeting participants must exit the building during a fire alarm. Failure to do so will result in a fine being issued to the Designated Representative who will then be responsible for restitution of the amount owed.

Request Room

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Vicki Smith
 801-715-6736 or 800-662-9150 (Utah Toll-Free)