Book Buzz for Book Groups

Book Buzz lends book sets to book clubs, book groups, libraries, organizations, schools, and community centers. Book sets contain 15 books that check-out for 56 days (8 weeks). Reservations can be made up to 1 year in advance. When available, book sets will be shipped one week prior to requested date.

How to Request a Book Set

View our  Book Buzz Tutorial for more information on how to use the Book Buzz Title Directory and request titles for your book group.

Before requesting Book Buzz titles, please read our Book Buzz Policy.

Book Buzz Brochure, 2023

If book sets are delivered to a non-library address the requester needs to fill out the Book Group Agreement for Private Groups. Return shipping costs are the responsibility of the requester. Please contact your local library for their policies related to Book Buzz.

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