USL Grant Performance Rubric

by Faye D. Fischer and Rachel Cook

The Utah State Library is rolling out something new for the fiscal year 2023 grant season. In an effort to align more fully with federal LSTA grant guidelines, we are implementing a grant performance rubric. The new rubric will help us manage our risk and assure that we have ongoing funding to support appropriate and meaningful projects. It will also help us identify and reward high performing grantees.

The rubric has three criterion: general compliance, spending, and reporting. In each category there are clear definitions that outline performance expectations. You will be given a score that will determine if you exceed expectations, meet expectations, or perform below the required expectations.  

The highest possible score per grant is +3 and the lowest possible score is -3. Grantees who receive a score of +2 on two or more grants during the fiscal year will receive recognition. Grantees who receive a score of -1 or lower in two or more categories on two or more grants will be on a probation for one fiscal year and will not be able to apply for competitive grants. You will be notified if you are on probation at the end of the fiscal year. Even on probation you will still receive non-competitive grants. You will be scored on non-competitive grants. Grant scores will be considered in competitive grant evaluation, but no evaluators outside the Utah State Library will be able to see your score.  You can request your performance score at the end of each grant period.

Grant Performance Rubric

Please download a copy of the rubric and keep it on file. Our hope is that this rubric will help you succeed in the grant process. By clearly communicating our expectations to you, we want to eliminate the confusion and complication of federal granting. In conjunction with the rubric we will provide all 2023 grantees with a checklist for every grant you are awarded that will help you understand the milestones and deliverables associated with your contract agreement. We encourage you to read your contract and identify important dates and grant requirements.  

We have an open door policy in regards to our grant programs! We want to hear from you. You will never be docked on the rubric for a situation that is out of your control if you are in communication with us. 

Photo by Scott Graham on Unsplash