Cold Sassy Tree / Leaving Cold Sassy

Cold Sassy Tree / Leaving Cold Sassy
Olive Ann Burns
Date published: 1984
First published: 2007
Pages: 405
Pbk & Hbk
Sets: 1
Total copies: 15


A classic bestseller, Cold Sassy Tree is the story of Will Tweedy, a fourteen-year-old boy coming of age at the turn of the century in rural Georgia. His grandfather, a recent widower, inspires a whirlwind of gossip in their small town when he marries a woman half his age. Brimming with characters who are wise, unimpeachably pious, and deliciously irreverent, it is a resplendent treasure. The unfinished sequel, Leaving Cold Sassy, follows Will Tweedy into adulthood, as he grapples with the influences of the modern world on his cherished southern hometown.