América's Dream

América's Dream
Esmeralda Santiago
Date published: 1997
First published: 1975
Pages: 325
Sets: 1
Total copies: 15


América Gonzalez is a hotel housekeeper on an island off the coast of Puerto Rico. Her alcoholic mother resents her; her married boyfriend, Correa, beats her; and their fourteen-year-old daughter thinks life would be better anywhere but with América. So when América is offered the chance to work as alive-in housekeeper and nanny for a family in Westchester County, New York, she takes it as a sign that a door to escape has been opened. Yet even as América revels in the comparative luxury of her new life, daring to care about a man other than Correa, she is faced with dramatic proof that no matter what she does, she can’t get away from her past.

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