Google Products Overview

Google Products Overview

Join James Britsch, Director of the North Logan City Library as he presents on free Google products that librarians can use every day. View Webinar:  Online Presenters: James Britsch, North Logan City Library Date: July 28, 2020

Beehive Book Awards Webinar

Beehive Book Awards

 What are the Beehive Books Awards and how are the books chosen? Why should I be interested in them, and how can I win free books for my library or money to support my summer reading program? How can I use the current nominees at my library to get students excited about reading? View Webinar:  Online Presenters: Marilee Moon, Salt Lake City …

OverDrive Advantage Purchasing Webinar

OverDrive Advantage Smart Purchasing

Whether you are new to ordering, or a seasoned pro, this webinar will provide you with information on how to purchase Advantage titles for the Beehive Library Consortium’s OverDrive. Buy your holds, buy OC/OU, and buy sales! This training session is for Utah’s OverDrive Advantage libraries. Consortia name change OverDrive Marketplace basics OverDrive resources Consortia purchasing and sharing Purchasing basics …

Programming with STEAM Webinar

Programming with Steam

Picture books + STEAM activities = excellent library programming! In this webinar, Amanda Moss Struckmeyer will cover the planning essentials for a picture book/STEAM program, and look in detail at specific programs you could run at your library, including a picture book and related STEAM activity/activities. View Webinar:  Online  Presentation Slides: PowerPoint  Presentation Slides: PDF Presenter: Amanda Moss Struckmeyer Date: May 7, …

Learning in the Library Webinar

Learning in the Library Through Experiences

 Libraries are places where people engage in experiences, such as those created by makerspaces, story time, gaming, and cooking classes. For library users to get the most out of these services and resources, underpinning the offerings with the theory of experiential learning is important. Developed by David A. Kolb, experiential learning consists of four parts that can be applied to …

Promoting Digital Citizenship in the Library Webinar

Promoting Digital Citizenship in the Library

In this webinar, attendees will learn about digital citizenship. Digital citizenship includes privacy, behaving ethically online, and being safe and responsible in digital environments. As facilitators of digital knowledge consumption and creation, librarians have a unique role to play in fostering digital citizenship among their users. The presenter will share ideas for how librarians can encourage and promote digital citizenship, …

LinkedIn for Librarians Webinar

LinkedIn for Librarians

LinkedIn is rapidly growing and can be a tool beyond job searching. Learn the ins and outs of this platform and how LinkedIn can be used for both library staff and patrons. Participants will learn: How to create a powerful headline How to maximize your profile and skills Using LinkedIn groups Using LinkedIn as a search engine LinkedIn job searching …

Security for Rural Libraries & Staff Webinar

Security for Rural Libraries & Staff

If you work in a city or county library that’s in a rural location, where you’re alone all or most of your work day, or your building is a one-room facility, or has only one way in or out, this safety and security webinar is here to help. It can be challenging to work in a library environment that is …

Administering an LSTA Grant Webinar

Administering an LSTA Grant

Congratulations! You got the grant! … Now what? View Webinar: Online Presenter: Rachel Cook Date: February 6, 2020 Sponsor: Utah State Library

Recognizing Institutional Barriers to Access Webinar

Recognizing Institutional Barriers to Access

Are you inadvertently creating access barriers that prevent your patrons from using the library? Do your policies and procedures create barriers for your community? This webinar will help you recognize institutional barriers and how they disenfranchise the populations that need library services the most. You will leave the webinar with the ability to recognize unintentional barriers and with real-life examples …

Census 2020

Ali Omran, a specialist with the U.S. Census Bureau, covers what libraries need to know for the 2020 Census. View Webinar: Online Presenter: Ali Omran Date: January 15, 2020 Sponsor: Utah State Library

Diversifying Storytimes

 Storytimes are standard early literacy programming in libraries, from babies to all ages and families. Many storytime library staff rely on classics and reliable favorites built around longtime storytime themes, but how often do you add new titles and refreshed themes to your rotation? What ways do you collaborate with storytime staff and collection development teams to share and develop new favorites …