Administering an LSTA Grant Webinar

Administering an LSTA Grant

Congratulations! You got the grant! … Now what? View Webinar: Online Presenter: Rachel Cook Date: February 6, 2020 Sponsor: Utah State Library

Recognizing Institutional Barriers to Access Webinar

Recognizing Institutional Barriers to Access

Are you inadvertently creating access barriers that prevent your patrons from using the library? Do your policies and procedures create barriers for your community? This webinar will help you recognize institutional barriers and how they disenfranchise the populations that need library services the most. You will leave the webinar with the ability to recognize unintentional barriers and with real-life examples …

Census 2020

Ali Omran, a specialist with the U.S. Census Bureau, covers what libraries need to know for the 2020 Census. View Webinar: Online Presenter: Ali Omran Date: January 15, 2020 Sponsor: Utah State Library

Diversifying Storytimes

 Storytimes are standard early literacy programming in libraries, from babies to all ages and families. Many storytime library staff rely on classics and reliable favorites built around longtime storytime themes, but how often do you add new titles and refreshed themes to your rotation? What ways do you collaborate with storytime staff and collection development teams to share and develop new favorites …

Creating Your Library Brand

Creating the Image and Crafting the Message for the Library Industry Image is about much more than a visual image or logo. Having a good image makes an impression and creates recognition. Creating a lasting and valuable image involves a relationship with customers and their emotional connection to you. Messaging is a key part of building that relationship that focuses …

The Best Comic Books & Graphic Novels of 2019 Webinar

The Best Comics & Graphic Novels of 2019

 Comics and Graphic Novels cover a vast range of genres and subjects. This can make readers advisory a challenge for many library staff. In this webinar, Amanda Jacobs Foust will provide an overview of the best comics and graphic novels of 2019 for kids, teens and adults; with a look ahead of anticipated titles in 2020. Participants will learn: Recommended comics and …

Social Media is Fun Webinar

Social Media is Fun

Not sure how to balance being professional and being fun on social media? Looking to grow your platforms interactivity and audience? Jordan Hanzon, Marketing & PR Assistant for the J. Willard Marriott Library, has some tips, tricks, and advice on how to go about that. View Webinar: Online Presenter: Jordan Hanzon Date: December 10, 2019 Sponsor: Utah State Library

Best Children’s Books of 2019

 With over 30,000 titles published for children in 2018, it can be challenging to see the forest through the trees. Identifying new titles for use in programs, displays, teacher collections, and class visits can be challenging and time consuming. In this interactive webinar program, Jill Burket Ragase will give you a variety of tools that you will be able to …

Motivating Your Staff

 Keeping people motivated and interested in their work is not an easy task.  Research has shown that the presence of external motivators decreases internal motivation when the extrinsic motivator is removed.  Therefore, finding ways to tap into staff members’ intrinsic motivation is key.  Understanding the theories underpinning motivation is necessary to effectively support staffs’ intrinsic motivation. In this session, the presenter will give …

LSTA Grant Application Training

This online training provides instruction on how to complete the new LSTA grant application process.  The application has changed significantly.  Learn the basics of the application and get tips for completion. View Webinar: Online Presenter: Rachel Cook Date: October 22, 2019 Sponsor: Utah State Library

Developing Effective Communication Skills

Speaking is one of the first things people learn to do. But learning to speak does not equate learning how to communicate, which can have a serious affect on individual careers and success. Communication is arguably one of the most important business skills, no matter what the industry is and even more critical when your role involves dealing with customers. …

Genealogy: More than

While may be one of the most popular digital resources for genealogical research it isn’t the only one. There are many resources available to the family history researcher for free, you just have to know where to look. If you would like links to excellent genealogical websites, a list of recommended books, an idea of what non-traditional sources you …